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Does Ayia Napa in Cyprus Close For The Winter?

Some people might suggest that Ayia Napa closes completely during the winter but this is most definitely untrue.. The mad crazy night life dissipates and a nice moderate amount of bars, clubs and restaurants remain open for business for those taking a break. The frenzy of the summer holidays gives way to an unmissable serene and peaceful oasis! Cyprus offers a lovely alternative to the uncomfortable temperatures of northern Europe during winter time with many people migrating there for the cold dark season. The temperature will normally fluxuate between 15 & 25 degrees during the daytime, promising a very pleasant climate. This area of the world is a hidden gem during the winter months!

Winter is the perfect time to visit Ayia Napa for:

  • Anyone wanting to train for sport such as jogging, golf or cycling as the streets are much quieter than in high season,
  • Hikers who value enjoying the great outdoors with less people around!
  • Anyone looking to go on holiday to escape the cold in the Northern hemisphere.
  • People wishing to experience the beauty and heritage of Cyprus during a wonderful period of peace and quiet!
  • People who value the lower costs of booking a break out of high season!
  • People wishing to enjoy the silky smooth white sands of Nissi Beach without the the hussle and bussle of the high holiday season!
  • Anyone who values mixing with the more mature tourist who is either retired or in business.
winter break in Cyprus
Hiking in Cyprus during Winter is amazing
ayia napa pub

Between the months of November through to March the average age of tourists holidaying in Ayia Napa is somewhere around the 50's age bracket.

break in cyprus

Ayia Napa is very popular with middle aged people during the winter months who enjoy the social aspect of meeting people of their own age in these warm peaceful months in Cyprus. They enjoy the beautiful wildlife, restaurants, quiet bars and take part in the great events arranged by the municipality including classical music, Jazz and dancing. Many older aged visitors also arrive from Northern European countries to escape the harsher freezing temperatures and decide to remain in Ayia Napa until summer arrives again for them back home. Throughout the whole of the winter, a variety of cultural events happen at least once a week which are run by the local municipality. These events include music & dancing, with fantastic performers specially selected from around Cyprus, from Greece, and also from Latin American countries. Winter is also a great time to enjoy Jazz and classical music events in Ayia Napa also organised by the local municipality. In addition to the above you can also enjoy a couple of other important events here if you are taking your holiday during the winter including the Salsa Congress, which happens in March, and the Easter Youth Soccer Festival which happens during April.

Daytime activities to enjoy in Ayia Napa during winter months

Restaurants -
In winter months, going out to lunch is a busy affair in Ayia Napa. Nissi Avenue has many great restaurants such as Moo Moo, Paula's, & Cicero. These are generally well occupied each day with diners loving the warm Cyprus sunshine.

ayia napa restaurant
Paula's restaurant, Ayia Napa, open in Winter.


Cultural Events -
On important Cypriot holiday days, such as 'Easter day' or 'Epiphany' , Many interesting and fun activities can be expected to be found in and around the busy central square. These events also have many activities taking place around the wonderful town hall of Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa Winter event - Epiphany


winter break ayia napa

Beaches -
During winter those who value the quiet of the many beach bars being closed will no doubt discover a great opportunity to enjoy these wonderful beaches with peace and quiet! But be sure to take a beach towel as the sunbeds are locked away. This is the time of year when you can truly lay in the sun in peace with few people using the fantastic white silky sand beaches. From approx 10am through to around 2pm the temperatures is usually lovely and warm. So don't sleep in if you want to catch the rays! Swimming in the sea requires a small amount of bravery !

ayia napa beach
Winter beaches are very pleasant in Ayia Napa

Cape Greco -
During your break you can enjoy cycling jogging or hiking in the beautiful national park just a few kilometres outside of Ayia Napa. Walking down the breath taking coastal path from the main harbour is not to be missed! Taking the car into the park to enjoy a picnic is another popular choice. You will find an explosion of flowers and plants in bloom at this time of year. Ayia napa can be enjoyed on a whole new level in all its natural beauty during winter months.

Cape Greco
Cape Greco caves - a great winter feature in Ayia Napa

Thalassa Museum -
This great museum is open to the public each and every day. It offers relics and insight into the history of not just Ayia Napa but of Cyprus. You will find lots of interesting artifacts from many periods of Cypriot history. In the basement of the building a sea life museum can be found. This is an additional marvelous highlight not to be missed during your holiday!

Thalassa Museum
Thalassa Museum, Ayia Napa, open all winter.

Night time activities to enjoy in Ayia Napa during winter months

Bars -
bars in ayia napa

During the quieter winter months bars are somewhat limited in Ayia Napa but you will still find some of the best ones open. These bars are low key and nice and quiet! The bars: Jello, Liquid and Fresh are the main bars visited by locals in Ayia Napa. The bars also serve a huge range of cocktails and also food. The Three Lions bar and the Kings Sword bars are a favourite of the ex-pats and are open every day. At the weekends you will find Kahlua Bar and Place Pub, which offer a small taste of the famous Ayia Napa summer party nights with RNB and club floor-fillers. If you wish to enjoy Greek and international music whilst on holiday, then there is always 'Alot Bar' open most weekends. This music is often performed live by amazing Cypriot and Greek musicians.

Clubs -
Clubs usually just open for special events during the quiet winter months in Ayia Napa, but; Black and White opens every weekend!.

ayia napa clubs

Soho club & white Club also put on special events. Chameleon club is open for the Christmas holidays and the New Year.

Restaurants -
There is a satisfactory availability of places to go and eat during the winter months in the evenings in Ayia Napa. These will be discovered mainly in and around the Nissi Avenue area, around the harbour and at the centre of the town. Popular restaurants are: Cicero, Isaak, Paula's, Hungry Horse, Hokkaido Japanese, Ocean Basket, Limanaki taverna and Markos Fish Taverna.

ayia napa food

Ayia Napa Conference hall
Event, Ayia Napa Municipal Conference Hall Winter event


Cultural events -
Both Greek and Cypriot dancing plus modern & traditional music take place weekly at the municipal conference hall in the centre of Ayia Napa. Latin American dancing, Jazz concerts & classical music are also performed at weekends here.

There is plenty to do in Aiya Napa during winter months, great food, great events, astonishing natural beauty to experience, beautiful warm beaches and none of the loud madness of the summer season! Book now while accommadation is still available!

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