Cypriot history
Cyprus has a big wealth of history with many sites just beggiing to be explored! In Ayia Napa there is an abundance of secrets to discover when you rent your holiday apartment or holiday villa from Break in Cyprus! The evidence of this islands history will make for an amazing holiday for all the family!

Paphos, Dont miss the fantastic Mosaics Of Paphos

Found within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pathos mosaics are one of the most fantastic and beautiful in the Mediterranean. Covering all the floors, the walls and even covering complete villas, the mosaics demonstrate scenes taken from Greek mythology in the houses of Aion, Dionysos and Theseus


Mosaics of Paphos

Be sure to visit the famous Aphrodite Rock.

Said to be the actual birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, this huge rock stands out magnificently in the sea. It will take just a 30 min drive along the Pafos to Lemesos road to lead you to the Aphrodite Rock, As you go you will be steered through some wonderful views as you travel there. Otherwise, there is also a 10 min route via the motorway . Once you arrive there, soak up the breath-taking views out to sea, and stand at the very place where Aphrodite is said to have rose.



Aphrodite Rock

Dont miss the tomb of Kings

These amazing underground tombs are dated from the 4th century. They are Carved deep into the ground, and some tombs are grand enough to represent the houses of the living with Doric columns and painted images on the walls. Beswides what the name implies, Tombs of the Kings, no kings were actually laid to rest in this place, but instead, aristocrats. the majestic character of the tombs is the reason for the name. Archeoligists are still carrying out excavation work on newly discovered tombs, but you can go and see the tombs which have already been uncovered just two kilometres north-west of Paphos Port. Your trip to the beautiful island of Cyprus wouldnt be complete without going to the Tombs.



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At Limassol be sure to go and see the Castle as this is one of the area's most well known sites, built on the land where 'Richard the Lionheart' was once married according to legend. This amazing castle has stood strong since the 14th century and has at one time been used as a prison, also as a base for the British forces, and nowadays it houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum. To the west of Limassol you can find Colossi Castle, which is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens. Both of these are very popular tourist attractions offering fantastic views. When you rent a villa or holiday accomodation from break in cyprus be sure to make a visit to these unmissable destinations.




Ayia Napa monastery

This is the very monastery that gave its name to the city. Ayia Napa Monastery, is medieval and is located next to the main square in Ayia napa and is surrounded by very large walls for its protection. The main entrance islocated through a stone archway, once through you will find an octagon-shaped fountain which still stands in the courtyard. This is another truly unmissable attraction that you need to fit in between the sun, sand and lazy days spent at your ayia napa villa rental or other holiday accomodation arranged by break in cyprus!



Ayia Napa monastery

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