Cyprus Seasons

One of the greatest things about being a Mediterranean island is the abundance of plentiful sunshine that is guaranteed throughout the year. Cyprus is certainly no exception and In fact Cyprus is typical of the ideal weather in the region with warm sunshine days and good temperatures almost each and every day. Extreme temperatures are very rare and Cyprus has something interesting on offer during every month of the year, whether it's swimming (late intoNovember) or by encouraging you to enjoy the various cultural sites and festivalsthat do occur all yr round. Seasonal weather changes are not drastic, but they are certainly different. Here's what to expect when you decide to rent a holiday accomodation, property or holiday villa in the family destination of Cyprus, from break in Cyprus.

For summer: When it gets sizzling hot

Summer stretches out from middish May to middish October and means fairly high temperatures with skies free of clouds and cool breezes drifting in from the sea. It is the best time for swimming in your break in cyprus villa pool, sunbathing in your holiday villa sun trap or for taking in a whole range of watersports from scuba diving to sailing. During this time of the year you can explore the archaeological sites in the early morning or in the late afternoon thus avoiding the hottest, most difficult to get active, part of the day. Be sure to bring along plenty of sun protection, like sunscreen and also get yourself a broad-brimmed hat. Even in the height of the summer time when it' gets up around 32C(90F) degrees on the beach ( warmer inland). Temperatures do tend to be refreshingly cooler in the Troodos, favouring the mountains for hiking excursions or simply for relaxing.

September and October are still sunny days and the water is still warm enough for acceptable pleasant swimming. Realy, it is still summer., the first 10days of Sept brings the annual Wine Festival to Lemesos, a very active and entertaining period realy not to be missed. Be sure to leave your break in Cyprus holiday accomodation for this, especialy if you are on a romantic trip to Cyprus!

Autumn : still Warm and Sunny

Eveningsduring the end of October do tend to become somewhat cooler than previously in the summer , however. October and November sees the leaves on the trees delivering a magnificent display of golds and crimson as the leaves change color in the Troodos vineyards.The backdrop of crystal clear sunlight truly makes this a magical experience!. Even middish November In Cyprus can feel very like the summer, but by the end of the monthyou would be wise to start prepring your evenings with medium-weight apparel to enhance the traveller's experience.S wimming is still a good proposition even now but making excursions inland to the many villages and vineyards to do wine tastings can be the way to go!. Autumn also sees the start of the annual Kypria festival, with the very best local and international musical artists performing dramatic gigs at venues throughout Cyprus.


A very active season

December and also January are the Mediterranean months of winter time, bringing forth the possibility of a touch of rain, but still promises on average about six hours of sunshine every day. At this is the time of year the smaller destinations in the Mediterranean do shut down for the season, but this isnt the case in Cyprus. This island is a major centre of business and has an array of great heritage sites and museums, all of these will be at their least crowded during winter. This is still a great ti9me to book a holiday villa or other holiday accomodation from break in Cyprus.The calendar of cultural events is still very active throughout the winter months, with brand new events added all the time promising many concerts and contempory and folkloric dance performances. Right Into earlyish February there is still the occasional rainfall, and often there is snow fal in the Troodos - this is certainly ideal for skiing! Ask about this when you book your break in cyprus winter holiday accomodation in Cyprus.

Springs Delights

The very first orchids will be found blooming during January in Cyprus, and by mid-February the Cyprus countryside is truly alive with wonderful fresh green meadows and beautiful almond trees in full bloom. March days can still feel a little cool (daytime temperatures are around 19C or 65F, 9C or 40F by night) but are steadily moderate. The early spring time is a fantastic l time tobook your holiday accomodation or holiday villa in Cyprus, promising very pleasant daytime temperatures and you will find many of the ancient ruins shrouded by a gorgeous carpet of red anemones and other visualy dramatic wildflowers.

During April and well into the middle of the month of May springtime is in full force. This is an great time for taking nature hikes and going on off-road trips on the pristine Akamas Peninsula. Cyprus has over 1,950 species of flowering plants, and 140 of these grow only on the island, and actualy in the Akamas alone, there are as many as 700 plant species, of which 40 are known to be endemic. From February into April, pink cyclamen emerges from the rocky foothills and thickets to form a riveting backdrop to the Baths of Aphrodite. From March through to April, the pink wavy-leaves of the monkey orchid (Orchis italica) grows in thick patches around Pafos. If Cyprus is the place to bask in the sun in the summer , then the time to savor the natural beauty of the island in bloom is quite definitely spring . Break in Cyprus have excellent offers on wonderful holiday accomodation and villas waiting for you to arrive at and start enjoying the magical island of Cyprus through all of the seasons.

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