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With an overall area of 9,251 km² Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

When you rent an apartment from us you will learn that Cyprus, Although significantly larger than Malta, is 790.000 inhabitants less populated. It is not all of Cyprus that has made the change over to the euro. This has only been an event for the southern Greek-speaking part of the island.

The strategic positioning of the island of Cyprus and its wealthy supply of ore has played an important role in Cyprus' history. When you rent your accomodation from us you wil be following in the footsteps of the first humans who settled in Cyprus in the Neolithic period, at a time now known to have been before 6000 BC. Greek settlers arrived from around 200 BC and ever since then Cyprus has evolved under the influence and control of the various societies that have exercised their power in the eastern Mediterranean over the centuries., from the Phoenecians to the Assyrians and also the British. Cyprus has a rich history in regards to settlers.

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An interesting fact to tell people when you enjoy your Cyprus rental from us is that the name copper comes from the name Cyprus!: Cyprus - cuprum - copper.
Cypriot mouflons


Nature as well as history has inspired
the designers of the Cypriot currency euro coins.


On one side of the 5, 2 and 1-cent coins Cypriot mouflons can be found looking us in the eye. The mouflon is a smallish wild sheep that has large, curving horns with the ends of them turned backwards.taken to Cyprus by humans in the Neolithic period, ( I wonder if they rented their holiday apartments or villas in Cyrus?) the mouflon soon took to the island. These days it is the only surviving largish wild animal on the island of Cyrus.You will no doubt see them when you rent a villa or apartment in Aya napa! This animal is considered to be an important part of the natural heritage of Cyprus and the country favours its well being in order to protect it from extinction.

On one side of the 50, 20 and 10-cent Euro currency coins the "Ship of Kyrenia" is depicted. The ship is named in honour of Kyrenia, a city located in the Turkish Cypriot-controlled area, where the remains of a ship dated back to about 300 BC was recovered in 1969 approximately 0.8 km offshore from Cyprus. This amazingly well preserved wreck of a Greek traders vessel is also apparently the only Greek ship of Antiquity (750-146 BC) that has ever been recovered. It symbolises Cyprus' sea going history and its vital importance as a major centre of trade in Cyprus over the years.
The cruciform statue which can be seen on the 2 and 1- euro currency coins dates all the way back to the Chalcolithic period (3000 BC). It is known as the "Idol of Pomos", Pomos being the name of the village where it was originally found. You can visit Pomos when you rent a villa or rent an apartment in Cyprus from us.

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The Idol of Pomos

The sizes of statues or idols in Cyprus can vary a lot: from just a few centimeters to some statues of about 1.5 m. Small examples are sometimes worn as charms in Cyprus. The outstretched arms of the "Idol of Pomos" most probably refers to its functionality as a fertility icon. This individualistic example of Cyprus' prehistoric art reflects the island's place at the heart of Antiquity and civilisation.

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With the entry of Malta and Cyprus into the europien currency, collectors and also daily users of the euro currency coins are made aware of and become acquainted with, the histories and features of the the European Union's two most southern member states . When you do rent an apartment or villa in Cyprus, or even buy an apartment or villa in Cyprus from us you will no doubt understand all of the above and appreciate the rich and interesting history being the images depicted on the Euro currency coins used in the island of Cyprus.

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