Cypriot Culture

When you take your break in Cyprus and rent an apartment or rent a villa from us you will discover that Cypriots are certainly very proud of their cultural heritage, which does stretch back over more than 9000 yrs.

But, you'll probably notice that Cyprus now is far more concerned with the more recent events of the last 20 years than those of a thousand yrs ago!. The fun loving north of the island ( where Ayia Napa is) is very busy trying to re-creating itself in the image of Turkey, changing their names into Turkish and welcoming the lifestyle and culture of its most northern neighbouring state. This Republic is at the same time trying to create itself an independent identity, and so many places within the Republic have recently been renamed. Despite the present-day situation, Cyprus is now littered with many reminders of the island's rich history. When you rent one of our villas or other holiay accomodation you will definitely discover this to be the truth. Relics can be found from every era - from Greek temples, to Roman mosaics and 15th-century frescoes - these have all influenced the artists of today. When you come and enjoy the sunshine of Cyprus be sure to take time out from your normal daily fun to visit and discover these wonderful sites. Many villages do specialise in a particular art form, and as you take in the sites all around Cyprus you'll find pottery, copperware and csilver, basket weaving, tapestry and of course Lefkara's very famous lacework.All of this will no doubt be interesting to the whole of the family during your vacation


Like most things in Cyprus, religions are split along the Green Line. The northerners of the island are mostly Sunni Muslims, the southerners of the island are Greek Orthodox. When you come to the beautiful island of Cyprus you will find that food also reflects the divide that is apparent here: in the North there is mostly Turkish type of cuisine; in the Republic there is mainly Greek. But wherever you go in Cyprus, you'll definitely find "kleftiko" (oven-baked lamb) and the famous mezedes (salads dips, and other irrisistable appetisers). Cyprus is also well known for its fruit. During your stay at one of our beutiful romantic holiday villas or holiday apartments locally You'll find plenty of strawberries, melons, stone fruit, citrus, prickly pear and grapes.

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